Belgium will ban roof tiles from new buildings

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In Belgium, there is a law that requires that roof tiles be replaced once every five years.

But, if a roof tiles have been in place for more than two years, the owner is required to replace it.

This is known as a “red roof” roof, because the old roof tiles are removed.

That means that you can see the new roof tiles on the floor, but the old ones are not visible anymore.

The old roof is a symbol of the old society, and it has been associated with the old era, and so the new one has to be replaced.

It’s an issue that has been brought up on a national level, but there is no specific law that deals with this.

Red roofs are not uncommon in Belgium.

This one is on the roof of the Bijenhuis supermarket in Brussels, where it is part of a project that has started in 2013 to improve food safety.

The Belgian government hopes that this roof tiles will be replaced every five to seven years.

They will be used for different products, but also for cleaning purposes, and for decorative purposes, to make the roof look better.

In the process, the old roofs will be left behind.

A yellow roof tiles is also used for decoration in Belgium, because it is easy to paint on a yellow color.

That yellow color has a history of the past and is also linked to the past society, as the old-world tradition.

A new roof is always replaced The problem is that the old red roofs are being used in new buildings.

They are often installed after the first floor of the building has been finished, and the roof has already been painted over, which is a bad practice.

The new red roofs come with the same old problems, including problems with the tiles.

This means that if you buy one of these new roofs, you have to replace them every five or seven years, which means that it’s not worth the investment.

The reason for this is that a yellow roof is used in a new building to give the appearance of the older roof.

It makes the building look like it’s been built on the original red roof.

That also makes the old structure look a bit outdated.

You don’t want to see old structures that you would like to see on your new house, because you’re trying to avoid the old building.

And, in a few years, you might not even see a yellow building anymore.

Red roof tiles that are used for decorative purpose, which are used on old structures, will not be replaced by the end of the five to ten-year period, the Belgian government is concerned about this.

The government wants to protect the old architecture.

The Dutch government has also called for the removal of red roofs in some areas.

The roofing industry is also against this, because there is little difference in the look of a red roof with a yellow or green roof.

There is no problem with the roof, they just want to paint it yellow.

They say it will make the building less attractive to potential tenants.

Red Roofs are also not allowed in new housing There is a small debate in the Dutch parliament about the red roofs that are currently in the building.

The red roofs, which were installed for decoration purposes, are not allowed to be used in housing projects.

This includes projects for new buildings, which have been proposed in some cities.

The legislation states that no red roof tiles can be used on new construction.

If you buy a red building with a new roof, you can’t use it in the future.

The council also wants to see a ban on new roofs.

This would be good for the roofers, who are also responsible for maintaining the structure.

They want to protect their heritage.

This law is a step towards preventing this, and hopefully it will not become law in the end.

The future of the red roof There are a number of projects in Belgium that aim to replace old roofs.

There are projects to rebuild old buildings with new tiles.

Some projects are in a state of construction, which indicates that the building is not finished yet.

The projects are not in a good state of completion.

They’re not in good condition.

But these are the kind of projects that can be done in a short period of time.

For example, the roofing company IWork has been trying to put a new red roof on a large building in the center of Brussels, but it has already received approval from the local authority.

It can start to be finished in a month, so it’s going to be a very quick project.

The city of Utrecht is also planning to put new red tiles on a new high-rise in the city.

It is the city’s responsibility to ensure that these projects are going ahead.

If a new project is going to go ahead, the government needs to approve the project.

In this case, the Dutch government is not interested in this.

They don’t like to put the

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