Car manufacturer, Tesla, to offer electric car batteries with solar roof tiles

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Tesla is now offering solar roofing tiles for its vehicles, and the company is announcing a partnership with cardinal roofing tile manufacturer Fascia, which will supply the tiles to all Tesla vehicles starting in 2019.

The tiles come in five different shades of gray, and they have been specially formulated to be both lightweight and highly effective at absorbing heat.

As a result, the tiles can be used to protect Tesla cars from the sun and protect their interior from dust and rain.

In a statement to Engadge, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the tiles are a “game-changer” in terms of efficiency.

“The new Fascias solar tiles are lighter and more durable than existing solar tiles, and offer better insulation for the roof,” he said.

“They’re also highly effective in cooling a Tesla Model S in hot weather.

We’re excited to be working with Fascian for solar roof protection.”

Tesla’s announcement comes after Tesla announced that it had struck a deal with Faccia to offer the tiles in all of its cars from 2019.

Musk said in a post on the company’s website that the tiles were chosen “to provide the best possible insulation for all Tesla cars.”

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