Chinese roof tiles can make your bathroom look like a “bastard garden”

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By now you’ve probably heard of China’s “Bastard Garden” project.

In its most famous iteration, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has been tasked with building a series of terraces and landscaped paths along its urban landscape in an effort to combat pollution.

In 2017, the government unveiled the first batch of these tiles, which it said would help to fight global warming.

But the new tiles aren’t just a simple replacement for the traditional Chinese tiles; they’re also designed to make the tiles look like they’re being used as an actual garden, with their leaves reflecting sunlight and reflecting sunlight back.

The result is that some terraces in the Chinese capital look like giant lawns and others look like full-blown garden beds, with the occasional plant growing on top.

It’s not hard to see why people are excited about these tiles: they’re incredibly eco-friendly and are actually more aesthetically pleasing than the standard Chinese tiles.

Unfortunately, however, some people are starting to complain that the tiles aren�t being used in a way that’s truly “green.”

They�ve all been dubbed “cheese” by some commenters, but the tiles themselves aren�ts actually cheese.

To make the cheese, the MEP�s team decided to use a series for the tiles that were previously designed to look like grass.

The tiles were actually designed to resemble grass, but they�re actually actually made from recycled steel and concrete, which makes them look much less green.

This, along with the fact that these tiles are not really green at all, has led some to accuse the MEPs of being intentionally misleading.

As the EPA has stated, these tiles aren��t really made from cheese at all.

The problem with these tiles is that they�ll eventually be banned, which will result in a huge increase in pollution and potentially cause the entire Chinese capital to look more like a giant lawn than a natural green garden.

The new tiles come with a number of drawbacks: they�ve been made from the most toxic chemical known to man, and they�m extremely high in zinc.

This means they’re much more likely to absorb pollutants than the regular Chinese tiles and the zinc residue will have a significant impact on the environment.

That�s a huge concern for those who live in the city, who are already living with pollution and poor air quality in their neighborhoods.

“There are no signs that these pollutants are going away,” said one of the MEP members.

“They�re just going to get worse.”

The MEPs plan to keep working on these tiles and will release new batches next year.

Hopefully the new ones won�t cause any harm to the environment, but some are still concerned that the government will soon ban the tiles altogether.

In a statement to Ars Technic, the EPA said: This is a new, non-regulated system and it is not clear if the new products meet the standard of being labeled as “cheeses.”

We do not expect to see this material banned from use as long as it is labeled as such.

“The only way we can make sure this material is safe is to use it responsibly and responsibly as well as to be transparent and open with the public,” the EPA added.

The MEP also told Ars Technics that the new tile isn�t the only type of Chinese tile being banned, but that they are the only ones making these tiles to be banned.

“We don�t think there is any question that there is a risk in the material being used.

It�s just that we don�traditionally we�ve tried to use these materials in a manner that�s consistent with the environmental and safety standards, so that�ll be the next step.”

As for why MEPs decided to make this material their “specialty,” they said that they wanted to be sure that their products were safe for the environment and that they were able to make them in the quantities needed. It doesn�t sound like the government is willing to take any chances with the tiles, either, as the MEP stated that they want to “be very careful” about the materials.

“It�s not just about the environmental benefits, but also because of the long-term health impacts,” the MEP said.

“You want to make sure the product is safe before you take it on the market.”

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