Gardeners are happy with the new bamboo tile, but some say it needs some work

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Gardeners in northern England are happy to see a new bamboo roof tiles being installed in their backyard, but others are calling for more work.

Rooftop gardens in northern Wales are the first in the country to have bamboo roof tile, which has been designed by a team of architects, gardeners and architects from the UK and France.

The tiles will be installed in the town of Ashmore in Somerset.

“We’re pleased that this is finally happening and we’re really looking forward to using it as the foundation of a terrace,” said Emma, a gardener who asked to use the name Emma.

“It’s really great that they’ve put so much effort into the design and we’ve got this great view down the road, which I think is really important.”

But I think there’s a bit of a problem with this.

I’m not sure what they’re actually looking for when they’re designing it, so I think it’s really good to be getting some of that back into our backyard.

“The tiles were first installed in 2012 in a garden in Ashmore, where a small garden has also been built.

The tiles are made from bamboo with copper roofing material, and are coated in a special protective layer of zinc.

It will take around three years for the tiles to be installed.”

It’s a nice way of bringing something back into the garden and to use it as a foundation,” said Anna, a gardener from Shropshire.”

I think the first one was really nice, but it’s taken quite a long time for it to work as well as it does.

It takes a lot of time, it takes a long, long time to put in a lot more.

“That’s why it’s nice to see the first tile come out in a really nice colour and a nice finish, but the first thing that’s not working is the coating.

So it’s a good way of going through the process of doing that and then hopefully that’ll come out of that as well.”

Gardeners in southern England say the tiles are a step in the right direction, but there are some questions surrounding the cost and durability of the tiles.

“As long as the tiles work well it’s not going to be a problem, but I’d like to know what’s going on with the zinc coating,” said Paul, a former gardener in the village of Ashworth.

“That’s what we’re talking about with the copper. “

We have to have copper, copper is a metal that’s supposed to last a long long time.””

That’s what we’re talking about with the copper.

We have to have copper, copper is a metal that’s supposed to last a long long time.”

In terms of durability, I think the copper has a really good reputation and I think that’s why the tiles have been really well received.

“While the tiles were installed, there was a fire in the garden, which caused extensive damage to the tiles and to the roof.”

At the time of the fire, it was pretty much all burnt out and I don’t think it will ever be repaired, but we’ve done everything we can to get it up and running,” said the gardeners.”

Unfortunately, we had to have a very expensive fire put out and luckily the copper didn’t melt.

“Gardens around the world are beginning to see some of the benefits of bamboo roofs.

In Australia, a small number of gardeners have installed bamboo roofing tiles in the past two years.

The UK is now the first country in the world to install a bamboo roof.

The project was supported by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Department of Communities and Local Government, and the Department For Business, Innovation and Skills.

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