How to make japanESE roof tiles from the ground

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A Japanese roof tile that was found on a roof of a home in central Tokyo has been hailed as a “world first” and a “revolutionary innovation”.

The roof tiles found by a woman in the capital’s northern suburbs were part of a roof that had been damaged by a fire.

They were so badly damaged they had to be removed by a crane.

A Japanese news website reported the tiles were “unique and a world first” because they were found “by a housewife”.

The housewife, named only as Kim, has since found others similar tiles on the roofs of homes in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Her husband is a local police officer, and he says they are all from the same area of Japan, which has been ravaged by fires.

“It’s a miracle that the tiles came from the city and not the countryside,” Kim told the Associated Press news agency.

Kim’s husband also found a second roof tile, which is similar to what he found, and is now working on a third one.

“I think we will have to take the tiles to a local workshop to repair them,” Kim said.

“The city was destroyed and we have to do our best to rebuild it.”

People are so scared that the fires will spread and we will get burned to death.

“The Japanese government said it would donate a total of 5 million tiles to rebuild homes damaged by fires, but it would be difficult to do so given that the damaged homes were scattered across several regions of the country.

It was not immediately clear how the tiles had been used or if they were still intact.

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