How to use these roof tiles

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Use a roof tile clip for the roof edge of your home to secure your roof.


You can use roof tile to cover the entire exterior wall of your house.


If you’re using a roof, you can install an additional 3 feet on either side of your roof to cover a larger area.


If your home has an outside window, you should make sure to install a roof window cover to prevent sun damage.


If a roof is not your style, there are a few ways you can make your roof a bit more unique.


Create an arch-like arch.

This creates an arch that stretches out from the edge of the roof.

This helps the roof tile adhere to your house’s structure and provides additional structural support.


Install a roof ledge.

This can be done with either a 3-inch or 4-inch thick roof ledge that will cover a roof-top area or the roof itself.

3/2, 4.

Install an extension.

This is another option for adding a bit of extra length to the roof to create a roof arch or add a bit extra height.

5/2 This is a classic roof-style roof.

It can be applied to your home with ease, even after installing the additional 2 feet on each side of the house.


Using a roof clip, make sure that your roof is securely anchored to your structure.

2: Make sure that you place the roof liner into the roof slot in the roof framing.

3: If you have a roof deck, make certain that you attach the roof ledge to the side of that deck and secure it with a roof liner.

4: Once you have secured the roof, secure it by tying a 3/4-inch roof clip to the edge with a 1/4 inch roof liner and securing it with the roof deck liner.

5: You can add additional roof clips to add a little more vertical height.

6: Use a combination of 2/3-inch and 1/2-inch studs to attach your roof liner to the framing of your existing roof.

7: Add an additional 1-inch-thick roof liner in the rear of your building to add some additional roof support.

8: When it comes to adding a roof edge, it’s important to make sure you’re not adding any unnecessary length.

The extra length will create an arch on your roof and make it difficult for the water to pass through the roof and onto your house, as well as making it harder for your water to drain properly.

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