New VR headset from Oculus and Valve to launch in November 2018

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By November, you’ll be able to plug in a VR headset and begin experiencing a new type of VR experience: a “VR farm,” where virtual farms of virtual creatures roam around a virtual environment and can interact with your real-world creatures.

And for those of you who are already fans of VR farms, Valve and Oculus are giving you the tools to use them as well.

At a virtual farm in virtual reality, you can place your avatar inside a virtual space and create your own virtual creatures.

If you click on a virtual creature, you see the creatures on the ground around you.

If a virtual character touches the ground, it’ll let you know that it’s in danger.

(This doesn’t actually happen in-game, but you can use it to inform your actions in the world.)

For now, this new system is limited to farm animals.

But we’ve got some good news: The farm in the game has been designed to work with Oculus’ own FarmVille, which lets you put up virtual houses on the real world and let your virtual creatures live in them.

This will be an easy upgrade from FarmVilla, which is still a limited system.

But if you want to create a virtual house for yourself, you just have to go to FarmVila.

But you’ll need to spend a certain amount of virtual currency, and you can’t place any animals in the virtual house.

It’ll still be an expensive experience, but at least it will be something to play around with.

For now though, you’re still stuck with just a small virtual farm of animals.

And if you don’t want to pay a lot of money, the game is available on Steam.

We’re also still waiting on the first official release of VR FarmVilie.

But this virtual farm is just one of the many new VR farms that will be available in the coming months.

If there’s something you want in-house, we have a lot more information about those as well as more information on Valve’s FarmVilles coming soon.

We’ll update this story as we learn more.

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