‘Permanent’ roof tile with an ‘R’ on top of it: A new tile is permanent, says designer

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A new roof tile is now permanent, and can be placed on any part of the roof or attached to any surface to ensure the tile won’t crumble in the event of a fall.

The tile’s new design means the roof tiles can be reused without breaking, but that they can be damaged in the process, which is good news for homeowners who are worried about their roof.

“We have created a unique roof tile that’s permanent, durable and will last for many years,” said Adrian Balfour, an architectural designer at MWC Group.

You can use the tile for a range of applications, including protecting the roof, protecting windows, insulating buildings and adding character to your home.

As well as being a permanent part of your roof, the tile can also be put on the inside of a window and will make a great addition to your roof garden.

Balfour said the tile is easy to install and can also come in handy for landscaping and as an exterior wall finish.

While this new tile might be the last thing you ever need, it’s still good to know that you can always use the tiles again when you need them.

More stories from New Zealand: Māori roof tiles, with a ‘R’, on top, create an ‘I’ for the New Zealand Land Council (NZLC)The New Zealand Ministry of Social Development has just released its new, permanent, roof tile.

In the image above, the ‘R” has been cut out of the tile, leaving an I in the centre of the tiles.

This means the tiles are permanent, but you won’t need to re-use them, and they can also become a valuable part of a landscaping project.

When installed on the roof of your home, the tiles will look like a ‘I’.

“It is so much more than just a roof tile,” said MLC president Helen O’Brien.

They are also great for maintaining the roof and can help protect the tiles from rain, as well as keeping your home looking great when you move.

MLC has also been working with local councils and the New Zealander Housing Board to ensure this tile is available and affordable for Kiwis to install.

I’m sure this new permanent roof tile will be the centrepiece of any new roof you build.

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