Tesla’s Elon Musk on roof tiles

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is bullish on Tesla roof tiles.

In an interview with CNBC, he told CNBC’s Chris Martenson that Tesla is looking at more than 50,000 tiles in China to be used in China’s next generation homes.

The tiles are made from aluminum alloy, and the company says that the aluminum is made by a “world-class company.”

The tiles, which were produced by Clay Roofing in California, are made of a material called teslar and are called “Tesla Roof Tiles” because they were designed to absorb rain and snow.

“We’re really excited to see this material, this new material, that’s going to be really useful in the coming years for roofing,” Musk said.

Tesla says that each tile costs about $1,000, and that it’s expected to be a big hit in China.

He also said that the tiles are cheaper than traditional roofing tiles.

The company plans to begin production of its new tiles in 2019.

Tesla said that it plans to roll out its roof tiles in the United States in 2018.

The solar energy startup has been working on building a solar roof system that would power homes and businesses, and Tesla’s CEO also revealed that the company will start building a roof that is able to take on water.

In the interview, Musk also revealed his plan to make solar energy more affordable, saying that it will take 10 years for Tesla to become competitive with fossil fuels.

Tesla’s roof tiles will help the company achieve its goal of powering 1 billion homes by 2050, and Musk said that by 2035, it will be able to power the entire U.S. energy system.

Tesla is aiming to make its roof panels as inexpensive as a traditional roof, but Musk said it would take time for the company to realize its goal.

Tesla has been aggressively expanding its manufacturing and product development capabilities, and it plans on ramping up production of the solar roof tiles as quickly as possible.

“Solar roofs will be used to generate more power and lower costs than traditional roofs, because they are much more durable,” Musk added.

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