The Great Gatsby Roof Tiles, with the Tiles of Windsor

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In a video from London, the Great Gattas have their roof tiles made from stone, slate and bricks.

The tiles are painted with patterns from the Gatsbys favourite book and the author’s favourite wallpaper, “Gatsby’s Tower”.

“The tiles have been made using the stone, brick and tile techniques that were used by Gats by his time,” the company said.

“The tile tiles are in a moulded shape that can be stretched to fit over a roof or a deck.”

It also said it was “sensible” to use the tiles for the “tiles of windscreens” and “the tiles of the castle and the gates” because “the natural materials are suitable for such a roof.”

It said it also made tiles to “symbolise the great buildings and the gardens of Windsor Castle”.

The Great Gasescoop tiles are “a new form of roofing tile” and will be available in the UK “in the autumn”, it added.

It’s been described as “brilliant” by a blog on Architectural Blogger, which said the tiles were “quite a piece of work” and the “perfect solution for the roofing industry”.

“Gatsbys tower is a favourite for many and one of the most recognisable buildings in all of the world,” it said.

The Great Garden tiles are made of tiles that were “symbolic of the garden”.

“We used the original gattas tiles for our roof tiles and also made them with the tiles of Windsor castle,” the firm said.

“We use only the top layer of stone in the construction, but the remaining tiles are stone, mortar and slate.”

We have designed our tiles to be smooth and lightweight, so they can be easily moved over a deck or a roof and have a uniform finish.

“Great Gatsbrough has been making tiles for around 60 years, since it first started in the 1950s.”

Our tiles are an easy way to use up our large stock of tiles and are very versatile,” the website said.

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