The New York City Housing Authority plans to install black roof tile roof tiles in new housing, Bloomberg News

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NEW YORK CITY—The New York Housing Authority is moving forward with a plan to install a new wave of black roofing tiles in homes across the city, Bloomberg news reported Monday.

The tiles are expected to go up next spring and cost about $50 per square foot.

The tiles, which are white, will be installed in new apartments, duplexes, townhouses and condos in areas where black roofs are not standard.

The city has already installed more than 700,000 black tiles across the entire city.

The new tiles, installed in the same areas as existing black roof, are expected cost around $10 per square feet, according to the report.

New York’s citywide rollout will likely result in a reduction in the number of people who are black in the city.

A new survey by the New York Public Interest Research Group found that more than half of New Yorkers are white or Asian.

Last year, the New Jersey Department of Housing and Community Development said it would install 3.5 million black tiles in all new buildings by 2020.

In a statement to Bloomberg News, the city said that in addition to reducing the number and percentage of black residents in the building, the tiles will reduce the amount of time it takes for the building’s owner to remove and remove the tiles.

“With these tiles, the homeowner is not required to remove the black roof and does not have to clean it or replace it, and they also provide more interior space,” the statement said.

“By removing and removing the black tiles, residents and their families will be able to enjoy more interior living spaces in their apartments, condos and townhomes, while avoiding any additional energy consumption.”

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