What a difference a month makes for Republicans

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Republicans are on the defensive in the aftermath of the devastating hurricanes that swept through Florida and Texas, which have already killed more than 2,000 people and injured hundreds of thousands more.

The Democrats are taking the lead in the fight to save the country from the damage inflicted by the disasters. 

It’s a fight that will last through November, when the Republicans hold control of both chambers of Congress.

But it’s also a fight for Republicans to recapture the public’s trust. 

The two major national parties, along with a handful of local and state parties, have emerged as the only two organizations willing to take on the new GOP administration in a way that would make them the most powerful party in the country. 

President-elect Donald Trump has been widely criticized for not taking the threat of climate change seriously enough.

But Republican leadership has been reluctant to take any major steps on climate change.

In contrast, Democrats have taken steps to address it, even while the nation’s carbon emissions are still growing. 

Trump’s first 100 days, which began last week, have been a boon for the GOP. 

He’s also pushed the party to adopt more moderate stances on many issues, such as the environment, immigration and the fight against climate change, and to adopt policies that would reduce federal government’s role in climate change efforts. 

“It is our hope that Republicans will follow in the footsteps of President-elect Trump, and adopt a more pragmatic approach to addressing the urgent threat of global warming,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement. 

McConnell has promised to work with Trump on issues like repealing the Dodd-Frank financial regulation, which restricts banks’ ability to engage in risky, high-risk financial activity. 

Senate Democrats have also been reluctant in their approach to climate change and other issues.

Democrats have voted against measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions, for example, and are expected to block a Trump administration plan to create an infrastructure bank to help finance the construction of roads and bridges. 

But the GOP has shown an ability to rally its support from a wide swath of Americans. 

In Florida, Democrats won over voters who had previously been wary of the party’s progressive stances, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed. 

That’s partly because the party is more popular among older voters, who are far more likely to support Democrats in general. 

Republican-held House seats in Florida, where the party controls both chambers, also appear to be in play. 

Florida’s 2nd Congressional District, where Democrats hold a narrow majority, is in Democratic hands, and the seat is also held by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. 

If Republicans hold the House and the Senate, Democrats would have a much better shot at enacting legislation to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. 

Republicans have also tried to win support from moderate voters. 

Democrats are expected this fall to hold a special election to replace Rep. Joe Garcia, who announced his retirement in January after years of criticizing Trump.

Democrats are also expected to hold their own primary in the district, which is held by Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell. 

Some of the Democrats who have endorsed Democratic candidates have also publicly backed Trump. 

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, who has been vocal about his support for Trump, have also endorsed Democratic nominees. 

Even if the Republican Party holds both chambers in the next election, the party will still be vulnerable to a Democratic filibuster.

Republicans have already attempted to block Democratic votes in the past, including a measure that would have stripped out the word “climate” from the federal budget and a measure passed by the House that would bar the U.S. government from participating in the Kyoto Protocol, which sets the global warming targets set in the landmark international treaty. 

Dying, dying, dying.

How the Republican health care bill has changed The Republicans have a long history of opposing the Affordable Care Act, which they say is not the best way to help the American people.

In January, House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters that the GOP’s health care plan would not “create jobs or improve health care” and that he would oppose it if it became law. 

While Republicans have not been able to win the House this year, they have won at least one Senate seat in 2018, and could still win a Senate seat this year.

Republicans control the House, which includes more than 250 seats, and control the Senate with 50 seats. 

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, left, speaks during a meeting with Republican leaders on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Oct. 4, 2017. 

When Ryan’s health bill was unveiled in January, the House passed it overwhelmingly and then the Senate voted along party lines, too.

The Senate has passed dozens of Republican bills, including the tax cuts and tax cuts for corporations.

But none have been enacted into law and none have become law.

Republicans were able to block efforts to repeal the Affordable Act. Ryan

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