What the experts say about the ‘gerard roofs’ story

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Dankotun, a Nigerian town near the French border, is a hotbed for roof tiles.

They are an essential building material.

They help keep your home safe from water, and help make it dry.

But when the roofing company found out that the roof tiles used in the town were made from plastic, they were ordered to stop making them.

“They said we have to stop using plastic and we are going to take all of the roofs off the premises,” said Dr. Nola Kaba, the town’s health department director.

Now, the company is back in business, but the town has to find another source of the plastic to replace the old roofs.

“We have been working for three years to bring this problem to an end,” said Ms. Kaba.

This is a story of a man who has faced adversity.

Now it is his turn to take it to the next level.

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