When does a roof collapse?

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An article in The Washington Times on Friday revealed that a new roof over a Seattle apartment complex had an estimated lifespan of almost seven years and was made of plywood, which is a structural material that can last up to 80 years.

The story said the plywood could be recycled after its use.

The Washington Post article also said the Seattle Building Code states that a building must be made of at least 20 percent plywood to remain structurally sound.

It said the new roof was made out of plastic, which can last much longer, but can’t be recycled, which means the building’s design could be compromised.

The new roof did not provide any information on the type of plywoods used in its construction, the Post said.

The building code also states that any new building must have two exterior walls, one on the inside and one on top, of at most 30 feet high and have a minimum width of 50 feet.

The code does not mention any plywood used in the building, the article said.

The building code does allow for the reuse of materials for other projects, such as electrical and plumbing, but that only applies to residential buildings, The Post said in a report.

The Washington Building Code says a building has to be made up of “a minimum of 20 percent” of a material that is not a building building core or a portion of a building structure, the paper said.

A “core” is a part of the building structure that is required to be in place at all times, the newspaper said.

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