When will it be legal to install solar roofing?

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Posted April 09, 2018 09:00:56 When will the state get around to legalizing solar roofers?

The question is being put to a state legislature in Iowa this week when it takes up an amendment to its solar law that will give them the legal authority to install roofs on all but two residential properties.

The amendment would allow homeowners to install roofing with the same or a similar design to solar panels on their properties, with the intent of “re-energizing the economy,” the Iowa Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) reports.

The solar amendment would also allow homeowners who do not want to install a solar roof to install their own panels, or to pay a small amount of money for a “per-foot” roof.

In the wake of the 2016 California blackout, solar roofer Scott Pritchard says it’s time for the state to get serious about making solar energy affordable.

“There’s been a lot of rhetoric going on and a lot more talk about how the state needs to do something about the greenhouse effect,” he said.

“Solar is a huge, huge part of the greenhouse thing.

We can do it here.

We have an enormous amount of solar power, we don’t need to do anything else.”

The Iowa House and Senate have both been considering the amendment.

The bill is expected to be discussed in the House and will be up for a vote in the Senate later this month.

The amendment, however, has faced fierce opposition from some residents, who have raised concerns about the safety of solar roof installation.

The Iowa Solar Energy Industries Association (IESIA), a non-profit solar industry group, released a statement in response to the solar amendment in response:”We applaud the Iowa Legislature for taking this opportunity to work with industry to create a safe and responsible system for residential solar installation,” the statement reads.

“The bill would have the potential to significantly increase solar energy use and pollution levels.

It would not address the safety concerns associated with solar power.

We also have concerns that the solar industry will use this bill to further its agenda of lowering solar energy costs.

We are deeply concerned about the potential impact of the bill on Iowa homeowners and property owners.”

Solar energy is a low-carbon energy source that is not subject to the same regulations as wind and solar.

The Iowa Department of Environmental Quality is reviewing the amendment and could revoke or modify the bill if it goes against its stated goals.

A solar energy amendment is unlikely to make its way to the Iowa Senate this year, however.

The proposed amendment was sent to the House floor last week, but the measure was not taken up by the full House.

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