When you can use the internet without paying for it

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TechCrunch – 1.2 million people visited the web in November, a record high.

The number of new users has grown to nearly 1.3 million, up 6 percent year-over-year.

But even as the growth has been strong, the price of internet service has remained fairly flat.

According to data from comScore, the average monthly price for a broadband connection in the US was $10.49 last month, up 3 percent from $10 in the previous month.

The median monthly price is $7.75.

For the first time in six months, internet users have surpassed the cost of owning a home, according to data released last month by the Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau data show that average monthly home ownership in the country dropped to 42 percent in November from 52 percent in October.

This is up from 44 percent in August.

The decline in home ownership was driven largely by a dip in net household income and a rise in unemployment.

Net household income, a measure of the value of the homes that households own, was down 1.5 percent in the month, while unemployment rose to 4.3 percent, according the Census.

That is the largest rise since August, and is up nearly 6 percentage points from a year ago.

But the decline in homes has been even more significant for those without a mortgage.

Only 22 percent of households with a mortgage have a connection, down from 30 percent a year earlier.

This has left fewer people able to pay for the basic necessities like gas and electricity.

The average monthly cost of a house is $1,716, a significant decrease from $1.849 in July.

The percentage of Americans without a monthly connection has increased from 34 percent to 36 percent since the first quarter of 2018, according a study by the Economic Policy Institute.

For those with a monthly mortgage, the median monthly payment dropped to $1 at the end of November, up 8 percent from last month.

For all other Americans, the monthly cost has remained relatively flat, with the median price going up 6.4 percent to $2,944.

What’s driving this growth?

One factor behind the rising price of access to the internet is the growing popularity of streaming video.

According the comScore data, 4 million Americans watch video online, up from 3 million in October and 3.5 million in September.

That growth has made it easier for people to stream videos to their TV sets and laptops, which can then be viewed on the internet, at home or at a nearby place.

The internet can also provide a virtual environment for people in a virtual office, where they can be in virtual meetings, listen to podcasts, watch videos, play games, and more.

Streaming video is a particularly popular way for people who want to see what other people are watching.

A recent study by Netroots Nation found that over 70 percent of people who have a streaming video subscription said that they use it to watch other videos, rather than just watch the original source.

“This growth in internet usage has led to the creation of a new type of online ecosystem,” said Tom Bowers, president of the Association of American Publishers, in a statement.

“For the first year in history, streaming video is now the most popular way people have accessed the web, and we’re seeing a growing number of people turn to these services for access to content they don’t have access to otherwise.”

Another big driver for the increase in internet access is a shift from traditional cable to satellite TV.

According an article from The Wall Street Journal, Comcast, Charter Communications, and Time Warner Cable all announced that they would be offering video streaming over satellite for their customers starting in 2021.

According, a study from comcast said that over 40 percent of US households with an internet connection had a cable or satellite TV subscription in the first half of 2018.

In 2018, the company reported that over 100 million households subscribed to a video streaming service.

Meanwhile, over 1.1 billion households in the United States still have no internet access at all, according data from The New York Times.

What do you think about the internet’s price surge?

Do you think it will continue, or will it decline in the coming years?

Let us know in the comments below.

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