When you hear ‘danko’ in the street, do you think of a dubai street tile?

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By Dan DicksonA lot of people might think of dubai as a Dubai suburb, but it’s actually one of the world’s most diverse cities, with the country’s large Muslim population contributing to its diversity.

Dubai has a population of some 6.5 million people, of whom roughly 400,000 are from Pakistan.

The city also has a sizeable Indian community, and the population of the two communities are growing rapidly.

The Pakistani community, which includes some 20,000 people, has a thriving textile industry that employs some 30,000 workers.

However, the Indian community has been slowly gaining ground.

Dubailand, the largest of the three major Muslim-majority countries, is also home to the largest Pakistani diaspora, with some 1.4 million Pakistani residents.

However this has been offset by a large number of Bengali and Malay Muslims, who make up about half the population.

Dubs large Muslim community has also attracted the attention of many foreign tourists, including Australians.

However there is growing concern over the security of the area around the mosque and a large part of the city’s main shopping district, which is being converted into a multi-million-dollar development.

Dublin’s main mosque, the Islamic Centre of Dublin, is facing pressure from the Muslim community and a growing number of residents.

The mosque is under threat from Islamic State militants, who have been responsible for several attacks in the area.

Duba has also seen an influx of asylum seekers.

In the past year, the number of asylum applications to the Dublin region has increased by a third, with asylum seekers arriving on the islands from mainland Europe arriving in larger numbers than before.

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