When you want a roof tile, don’t buy the cheapest ones

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A Melbourne-based roof tile company says it can produce tiles for $300 to $400, and it is selling them for less than that.

Roof tile company Rooftile said it sold 100,000 tiles last year, but it has only sold about 20,000.

It said it was selling at a discount because it had to pay the suppliers more for the quality of its products.

It also said it did not pay the supplier for labour and packaging, because that is not what the supplier does.

The company says that while it is paying the supplier, it is also using its own labour and packing.

Rooftile sells the tiles online and in retail stores.

The prices are competitive with competitors who have been selling for decades.

Its founder, David Cottam, said it has sold hundreds of millions of tiles.

He said his company had been selling roof tiles for 25 years, but was looking to make it a business.

“I’m not saying we can’t do it, we’re not saying it won’t happen,” Mr Cottamy said.

“But we just want to be able to do it responsibly and that means not taking advantage of the supply chain.”

Mr C, who is in his 30s, is an avid gardener.

He has built a garden in his backyard with his father and is working on an expansion project.

Mr C’s business is a result of a “love of nature”, Mr C said.

He hopes to sell the tiles to people in the community, who want to use them for their gardens.

“It’s just been such a wonderful journey for us,” he said.

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