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Imerys has been experimenting with new technologies to make its roof tiles more durable.

The company is using new manufacturing processes and a process called “in-house fabrication” to produce its tiles.

This is a process that mimics the process that makes glass and ceramics.

Imeries has been using this technology for a while, but it’s only now starting to be used on other materials.

Immerys says its tiles are more durable because of the manufacturing process and because it uses “more efficient manufacturing techniques that are able to produce higher quality tiles in smaller volumes.”

The company says it has more than 10,000 tiles in production right now, and it’s also using the technology to make new tiles for roofing applications.

The tiles are made by using a metal plate in a process similar to how glass is made.

The plates are then dipped in a special glue that seals the tile in place.

The result is that the tiles are stronger than traditional roofing materials and are much easier to install.

The tile coating itself is also much stronger.

It’s a material that’s designed to be water-repellent and that’s the key advantage of the coating, says Imerics.

The coating is then applied to the tiles and then heated to produce a strong, flexible, protective coating that protects the tile from moisture and scratches.

Imersys says it uses this coating on the roofs of about 3,000 homes in the United States.

The technology has also been applied to other products.

In the future, Imerks says it wants to apply the coating to roofing products as well.

Imestys’ latest technology is designed to protect its roofing tiles from scratches, and the company says the technology is ready for mass production.

Imessys says the coating is made from high-strength polymers that are both biodegradable and non-toxic.

Imedys says this coating is also compatible with other roofing tile types, including glass, ceramic, and copper.

Imrys says more than a third of its roof roof tiles are in use in homes worldwide.

The latest technology has already made it to homes in China, but Imerries says it’s going to expand its global rollout over the next few years.

Imereys is currently in the process of testing the coating on some of its tiles in California.

Imenys says other roof tiles in China use an improved manufacturing process called in-house production.

This process uses less chemicals and takes less time to make.

Immediate sales of Imerxes roof tiles have been encouraging.

Imreys is also working on its own in-store manufacturing process that could be available for a few years longer.

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