Why do Moroccan roofs have so much rust?

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Morocco’s national roofing and roofing tiles are being salvaged from damaged buildings to help alleviate the country’s housing crisis.

The country’s national government estimates that the problem of overcrowding in housing will reach a tipping point by 2030.

Many are still struggling to find affordable housing, as the unemployment rate among Moroccan men and women is almost 40 per cent.

Some residents have also been evicted from their homes.

Morocco’s National Council for Housing and Development (CNHD) has launched a campaign to salvage the tiles and restore the countrys housing stock.

In November 2017, the CNHD announced a $1.6bn programme to rehabilitate and renovate some 200,000 properties, a number that was boosted by an increase in the national budget.

The plan included a focus on projects that would help the country regain control of its housing stock, according to CNHD.

In a report released on Monday, CNHD director-general Jean-Michel Leveille said the goal of the programme is to help Morocco achieve its goal of achieving 100 per cent of its 2020 population increase.

Leveil said that the government had already initiated several projects in this area.

The goal of these projects is to provide for the restoration of housing stock and to increase the supply of housing, he said.

Levesle said that it is a necessary measure that is necessary to protect the health of the population.

He also said that several other initiatives to help restore housing stock are currently being considered.

In February, the National Council published a document entitled “Reducing the Risk of Mortality in Housing”, which included recommendations on a number of measures to tackle overcrowding and improve housing conditions.

Among the recommendations included a plan to reduce the risk of suicide, as well as the creation of a national plan on suicide prevention.

The CNHD has also launched a programme to encourage people to contribute towards the prevention of suicide.

In the same month, the government launched the “Housing for All” project.

This initiative aims to provide housing for all the people in the country, including people with disabilities, to improve the quality of life.

“This initiative aims at increasing the number of houses in Morocco that can be built and to provide access to quality housing,” Leveilles said.

He said that this would be achieved by building houses with more space for the elderly, the unemployed, and people who are on low incomes.

The project aims to increase access to housing for people with a disability by offering them a range of affordable housing options, including affordable housing for those with limited mobility, a free apartment for people on social assistance, aswell as a subsidized housing block, a private residential development for those on social insurance, and a small number of affordable units for those who cannot afford to buy a home.

Levezle said it was important that the CNHD carried out its programme to provide homes for all people in Morocco, which is an important step towards ensuring that all people have the opportunity to live in housing that is affordable, affordable, and affordable.

“The CNHD is proud to announce that the initiative to build affordable housing is now in full operation,” he said, adding that more than 400,000 homes have been built and that a further 2.5 million units will be completed by 2030, making Morocco one of the world’s most developed countries.

He explained that this is a very big step towards achieving the national target of creating more than 100,000 housing units.

However, the country still faces some problems, such as the issue of overcrowded housing, according a recent survey conducted by the CNHSD.

This survey was conducted by CNHD, the Confederation of Moroccan Municipalities, and the National Planning Commission.

The survey found that a significant number of people in Moroccan households are currently living in overcrowded or dilapidated housing.

In addition, the survey found a large number of the people living in poor housing have a low education level.

The most common reasons for not finding a suitable apartment for themselves are a lack of the necessary qualifications, financial problems, lack of access to social services, and fear of eviction.

The government has also announced plans to provide more subsidized housing for the unemployed and the unemployed have been excluded from this programme.

The National Council has also proposed a pilot project to provide free apartments for the disabled.

This pilot project would be run by the National Housing and Social Assistance Commission.

According to the CNHCR, the project aims at providing housing for both people who cannot and do not have access to affordable housing.

The commission said that more information is needed about the pilot project, including how it will be implemented, to determine its success and the potential impact of its implementation.

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