Why the roof tiles you use today could be obsolete by 2030

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On the surface, the world of roof tiles looks pretty good.

And the company that makes them has built a reputation for being innovative and reliable.

But as the industry moves toward a more automated, connected, and connected-to-the-internet era, that reputation could be under threat.

A lot of roof tile is already obsolete by the end of this century, says Joe Stangl, an expert on roof tiles at the University of Arizona.

He predicts that there will be fewer than 10 percent of the world’s roof tiles that are still usable by the 2020s.

Stangl and his colleagues at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Boulder, Colorado, have been studying the future of roofing tiles for nearly two decades.

Over the course of the project, they’ve studied over 10 million of the tiles, with a goal of understanding how the technologies are being deployed and how they will change the future for the industry.

The goal is to understand how the industry will adapt to the technology.

In the meantime, StangLands work on finding ways to make the roofing industry more adaptable to the changing environment.

“We’re trying to figure out how to make this technology more easily adaptable,” Stangland says.

“We want to make sure that there’s a way that we can make it easier for customers to use the technology, but also be able to provide it to the right people.”

The tiles that Stang Lands is studying are from three generations of roofers, he says.

These tiles were developed by the late 1920s and 1930s, when there was no need for the technology because of the advances in air conditioning, refrigeration, and other technologies.

Today, the industry is facing a different era of automation.

The roofing industries are moving toward automation, as is the supply chain.

That means the technology that is being deployed will be more adaptible to the future.

“What you’re going to see over the next 20 years, we’re going go from this very early-toothless era where the industry was really focused on the technology and trying to build it, to an era where you’re seeing a much more rapid change in the supply chains,” Stanger says.

The result, Stange says, will be that many roofing tile companies will be able find ways to improve their technologies to meet customer demands, and their technologies will continue to adapt.

For instance, a company might have a new technology that helps reduce the need for energy, which can be a huge cost savings.

“You’re going have companies like Haskett that can build their technology so that it’s more scalable, so that they can deliver the energy to the customer, but it’s also a lot more flexible,” Stange said.

“That’s what we’re trying do here, and that’s why we’re so interested in the roof industry.”

For roofers like Stang, who are trying to keep up with the change, it’s important that their technology is as adaptable as possible.

That is why they are working to understand what technology is being used in the industry, so they can adapt and make their technology more resilient to the new technologies.

“It’s really about the future, and it’s really important to know how our technologies will adapt and adapt and how we can be as adaptible as possible,” Stanga says.

Stange has also started an initiative called the “Roof-Rent Insurance Challenge,” where he and his team of researchers are seeking the most innovative roofing technologies in the world to develop for the challenge.

The project aims to find innovative roofers that are creating roofing technology that’s more adapts to the changes in the environment and the changes the technology will have to go through in order to get to the market.

The challenge is open to all roofing companies, but for Stang’s team, it will focus on the most adaptable and cost-effective technology, which means they will be looking for the most affordable roofing materials.

The most adaptables and most cost-efficient roofing systems will be the ones that are more adaptatable to the technological changes, and will be used for buildings, St.ang says.

In other words, the most expensive roofing system will be built by the most efficient company.

The cost of roof insurance will be split 50-50 among the two companies.

But the companies are not getting all the revenue from that money.

Stang says they will use the funds to provide roofing research and development to the roof companies that have the most technology.

“The goal of the roof insurance challenge is to find companies that are really focused in the technology space and really have the best solutions for the needs of their customers, so the cost per roof is a really important factor for them,” St. Wang says.

For Stang and his collaborators, the challenge is not about getting a competitive edge.

Rather, it is about finding innovative roof technology that will help save money

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