Why this is the worst election for the solar industry

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Solar power is on the rise, but it’s a lot harder to generate electricity when it’s dark and cold.

The sun is the best source of energy for powering homes, and in some places, such as parts of Florida and the Dakotas, the cold winter can actually make it difficult to install solar panels.

But in states that rely heavily on solar, that is no longer the case.

A growing number of states are opting to stop building solar power plants in order to save money and increase their reliance on fossil fuels.

Many states have passed laws that make it more expensive to build solar power.

Now, the solar sector is in a bind.

If they do build solar, but their electricity is expensive, the grid will need to change.

That will mean more expensive and more frequent power outages, which will lead to more customers turning to alternative sources of power.

“If we don’t do anything, it will become more difficult to build new solar,” said Scott Brown, CEO of New York-based energy technology company SolarWorld.

“That will affect the utility companies that we depend on, and also the people who have already invested in solar.”

The United States is now home to over 1.2 million solar installations, according to a new report from the Solar Energy Industries Association.

That makes it the second-largest solar market in the world behind China, with 1.45 million solar panels installed per 100,000 people.

But even if solar plants were installed all over the country, the US would still have the highest rate of solar installations in the developed world.

That’s because of a provision of the Affordable Care Act that gives states flexibility in deciding how they can spend their energy.

The ACA requires utilities to share in the costs of renewable energy, which can be a drag on the energy sector if those states don’t have the capacity to make up the difference.

The United Kingdom, for example, has been able to make the necessary investments to reduce its reliance on coal and gas, which are the primary sources of electricity.

But it is still a long way from having the solar energy system it has today.

That leaves the US with only a handful of states that are investing in solar.

The states with the lowest rates of solar are in places like Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Louisiana, all of which have already been hit hard by natural disasters such as hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

So the United States has been forced to rely on foreign suppliers to make electricity, even though the country still has the largest solar market on the planet.

And the United Kingdom is no exception.

The UK is one of only two countries in the European Union that doesn’t have a renewable energy mandate.

In fact, the only countries that have a solar mandate in place are Estonia and Latvia.

But despite the fact that the UK doesn’t actually have a mandate, the country is one the most expensive countries to make power in the industrialized world.

It makes solar installations extremely costly, as the UK only has a very small market in most of the country.

So when the British government decided to phase out solar power in 2018, it put the brakes on solar projects.

Instead, it has allowed solar installations to continue for years.

“We had no choice,” said Mark Dyson, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Bristol.

“Solar panels are still available, and we have no option but to go forward with it.”

But the UK is not the only country that has made decisions to slow down solar installations.

The US also has some of the lowest solar rates in the country in comparison to other countries, according the Solar Industry Association.

And despite the relatively low rates, many states have moved forward with solar projects, even if they are not necessarily cost effective.

In Alabama, for instance, the state has invested in a solar farm and solar power equipment, but the project has cost more than $100 million, according SolarWorld, a renewable power company.

“I’ve never seen a state invest more than this in a single project,” said Dyson.

“It’s just staggering.

It’s really outrageous.”

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